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Ronnie Pulley

“Practicing elements of soloing, or to make arrangements, is cool because it gives you some creative tools to work with at home.” —Scott, Raleigh Hairstylist

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“Lily loved the class and now is so motivated to practice what she just learned. You have so much to offer.” —Christina, Mother of 12 year old local musician

Ronnie Pulley in concert

West African Drumming Classes

Ongoing classes for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Drummers

“Ronnie did so much to coordinate the performance and gives so much to our local drumming community! If you haven't attended one of his classes, you're missing out.” —Greg Whitt, Director, Drum For Change


A training curriculum that will help students sharpen their drumming skills by learning drumming techniques, rudiments, and African rhythms. Please contact me to register for the next class or get on the mailing list. Classes are at 408 Lochside Dr in Cary, NC on Monday nights. All levels welcome.

Basic Things You Will Learn:

  • General understanding of how to sit and hold a drum.
  • Basic ability to use a hand drum to make 3 basic sounds, bass, tone, slap.
  • Ability to start and stop with a signal.
  • Ability to listen to and watch basic rhythms played and play back those basic rhythms without too much trouble.

Course Goals:

  • Learn to relax while playing.
  • Learn and practice numerous warm up exercises that you can use at home.
  • Learn several rudiments and hand techniques that will greatly improve your sound and stamina.
  • Learn to hear and feel the music while playing.
  • Call and response and improve timing.
  • Learn history, regions, purpose, and how to play West African rhythms.
  • Learn traditional handing of rhythms.
  • Learn solo techniques.
  • Learn the code of the Djembe, ghosting, and practice techniques to use at home.

West African Djembes from the Ivory Coast for sale. These drums come tuned, with a carrying case and are guaranteed. Carved from a dense wood called Iroka which offers great response for bass, tone, and slap. They sound great!

“WOW, what a difference playing with experienced drummers. That was so much fun! Can't wait till Monday. I'm hooked!”
—Susan, Drum Circle Facilitator, Drums Unite


“I thought the class last night was very helpful and you have a great teaching style.”
—Jennifer, Drumming Facilitator, River Rhythms

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