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About Ronnie Pulley

Ronnie Pulley

Ronnie has been a student of the Djembe for several years. He has learned from many Master drummers from West Africa, including Aly Camara, Fode Camara, Mohomed DeCosta, Mohamed Diabi,and Bolokada Conde. He has also trained with the very talented Bradley Simmons, Kevin Monroe, Ryan Camara, and Beverly Botsford. Most notably, Ronnie has trained with the world renowned master drummer, Mamady Keita, the creator of Tam Tam Mandingue, the only International Djembe school in the world. Ronnie received his certification as an associate instructor with TTM Winston Salem with Professor Bill Scheidt.

Ronnie founded the West African performance group, Rhythmicity and enjoys performing for parties, churches, schools, and all kinds of special occasions. Ronnie's passion for teaching and sharing the gift handed down from his teachers drives him to continue growing and sharing. Ronnie is also a trained Health Rhythms Facilitator and has worked with Hospice and the UNC Children’s Hospital. Ronnie has found that when people drum together and express themselves through the spirit of the drum, healing tends to occur on many levels. People become connected and the magic happens. As Mamady Keita says, The Djembe knows no boundaries. It is not restricted by gender, age, creed, social status, or religion. The Djembe speaks to our hearts.

Everyone has a heartbeat. Everyone has rhythm. Fill your life with the joy of community and the power of rhythm. Please contact Ronnie to register for the next drumming class or get on the mailing list.

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